Elec Ref 1.27

Elec Ref 1.27



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Date Added:22 May, 2014

Author: Trunnion LLC

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A pocket reference for electricians and electrical engineers, Elec Ref provides a set of convenient utilities for reference on the job or on the go.

* Wire gauge calculator selects an appropriate wire gauge based on wire type, current, and environmental temperature.
* Parallel conductors determines the required number of conductors for a load and wire size.
* Conduit size calculator determines the minimum conduit diameter required for a series of wires.
* Transformer sizing calculator helps you buy the right transformer for your load, voltage, and phases.
* Resistor color code utility identifies the ohms, tolerance, and temperature coefficient based on a resistor's color bands.
* Motor amps reference gives typical Full Load Amps for standard motors.
* Motor horsepower calculator determines a motor's hp based on its voltage, efficiency, and amps. Also typical FLA values for electric motors.
* RJ45 Ethernet plug wiring reference.
* NEMA Plugs reference, locking and non-locking plugs to 60 amps.
* Standard wire colors for low voltage, 3 phase, telephone, British Automotive, bladed fuse color codes
* 25/50 pair color codes for telephone cables
* Wire types defined for more than 20 types including THHN, THWN, MTW, and all the major types.
* Thermocouple wire reference for 12 different types
* OptiCut cut optimization: how best to get a series of wire cuts out of a combination of partial spools and how many new spools you'll need to buy.
* Ohm's Law feature does all the permutations of V=IR and calculates Power as well.
* Voltage Drop calculator
* Voltage Unbalance calculator

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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